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A pental Procedure is any type of operation performed by a dentist to promote good dental health. This can be on people of all ages, and not even used to clean plague and calculus from your pets that have gingivitis! There are Dental Procedures that are utilized to treat periodontis also,  which is defined as recession of teeth-supporting bone, as well asgingival attachment. Due to added risks, some dentist prefer not to perform dental procedures on a diabetic person or animal that have high or erratic blood glucose levels; unless of course it's absolutely urgent to do so. This is quite unfortunate, as the very cause of the high or erratic blood glucose levels may often be a dental infection.

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Most dental procedures requires some general anesthesia.One must exercise caution however, because this may pose a risk, and is of much higher concern for older humans and animals, or those with special needs. So you should quite obviously make sure that understand enough about the dental procedures to be able to ask about them before the operation. Usually these are out-patient procedures, and if there are no serious complications, you or your pet will return home the day of the operation. The costs of various Dental procedures can vary widely depending on the clinic and the number of extractions, but you can count on paying between $250 and $2550 in the US for a dental procedure without overnight hospitalization. (Dental coverage is always a plus!). Your dentist will provide aftercare instructions regarding the food you can consume, antibiotics, and pain medication. You will also receive recommendations for further dental care, such as brushing, anti-plaque gels, dental chews, and annual dental procedures. You can expect to be alert, but perhaps a little less than 100% for a couple of days following the operation.

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